HIV prevention evidence synthesis on MSM

PI: Dr Karen Lorimer
CIs: Lisa Kidd, Maggie Lawrence, Kerri McPherson, Flora Cornish,
Funder: NHS Health Scotland

The aims of this systematic review of reviews was to identify, appraise, synthesise and contextualise a range of guidance, review-level evidence of effectiveness of HIV prevention interventions for MSM.

The paper from this project:
Citation: Lorimer, K., L. Kidd, M. Lawrence, K. McPherson, S. Cayless and F. Cornish (2013). “Systematic review of reviews of behavioural HIV prevention interventions among men who have sex with men.” AIDS Care 25(2): 133-150.

Capability Approach: evaluating public health interventions


The Capability Approach: developing an instrument for evaluating public health interventions

There is a growing interest in the application of Sen’s capability approach to the evaluation of health care programmes, including public health interventions. This project sought to develop a questionnaire to measure outcomes within the capabilities framework, for use in the evaluation of public health and social interventions.

The paper from this project:

Lorgelly, P. K., K. Lorimer, E. A. Fenwick, A. H. Briggs and P. Anand (2015). “Operationalising the capability approach as an outcome measure in public health: The development of the OCAP-18.” Soc Sci Med 142: 68-81.