Rapid review of definitions and measures of sexual wellbeing

PI: Karen Lorimer
CI: Jenny Dalrymple (GCU)
Funding: Chief Scientist Office (CSO) Catalytic Grant

A WHO/UNFPA working group met in September 2007 to elaborate on sexual health indicators, at which the term ‘sexual wellbeing’ was discussed. In short, there was little agreement among participants about what sexual wellbeing was, nor how to measure it. Participants of that meeting concluded that ‘more research was needed to explore the various dimensions of ‘sexual well-being’ in order to draw up an appropriate set of indicators.’

Aim: To assess what is known from existing literature about how sexual wellbeing has been operationalised and measured.

Research questions:

  1. Do any measures of sexual wellbeing exist?
  2. If any measures of sexual wellbeing exist, what attributes of the concept were used and why?
  3. How has sexual wellbeing been defined and assessed across empirical studies?
  4. What factors are associated with sexual wellbeing?

This catalytic grant funding underpins a larger grant application to a research council, to de-risk the larger project.

World Health Organisation, Measuring sexual health: Conceptual and practical considerations and related indicators. 2010: Geneva, Switzerland.