My podcasts on various topics of sexual health

I initially started a podcast series on the Sexual Health Research Network as I wanted to learn new skills…well that and I really enjoy talking to people (I am mostly a qualitative research!)

  • Podcast 01: Mark Davis on technologies and sexual health

Podcast 02: Rosie Webster on technologies and condom use

Podcast 03: Jamie Frankis on social and sexual media and MSM

Podcast 04: Kirstin Mitchell on sexual function, from Natsal-3 data

Podcast 05: Marina Daskalopoulou on ‘chemsex’

Podcast 06: David Stuart on ‘chemsex’

Podcast 07: Aiden Collins on HIV self-testing

Podcast 08: Martin Holt on recreational drug use among people living with HIV

Podcast 09: Adam Bourne on recreational drug use and MSM

Podcast 10: Ingrid Young on treatment as prevention in relation to HIV

Podcast 11: Sarah Woodhall of Public Health England, on chlamydia screening and testing

Podcast 12: Louise Jackson on quality of life outcomes for women testing for STIs

Podcast 13: Jenny Dalrymple on older adults and STIs

Podcast 14: Nicola Boydell on gay and bisexual men’s personal communities

Podcast 15: Britta Wigginton on women’s changes in contraception

Podcast 16: Rebecca MacGilleEathain on young people’s sex education experiences and sexual health knowledge

Podcast 17: Rachael Eastham on women and contraception

Podcast 18: Carrie Purcell on abortion (Scotland)

Podcast 19: Lesley Hoggart on abortion (England)

Podcast 20: Fiona Bloomer on abortion (Northern Ireland)

Podcast 21: Rak Nandwani on PrEP (with a little on the Scottish context)

Podcast 22: John Saunders on PrEP (and England)

Podcast 23: Kelsey Smith on HIV and stigma

Podcast 24: Katrina Roen on diverse sex development

Podcast 25: Adam Jones and Zoe Cousins

Podcast 26: Janey Sewell on ‘chemsex’ and HIV among HIV negative MSM

Podcast 27: Tom Nadarzynski on digital sexual health

Podcast 28: Tristan Barber on frailty and HIV